Diabetes Reversal

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease and weight loss helps improve blood glucose control. Poor blood glucose control leads to complications including kidney failure, blindness, heart attack, stroke, amputations etc. HbA1C (Glycosylated haemoglobin) is used as the marker of blood glucose control. HbA1C of 48 and above is Type 2 diabetes and a HbA1C between 42 and 48 is classified as prediabetes. With weight loss there is a reduction in HbA1C.

What is the evidence for diabetes reversal?

Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) published in The Lancet, medical journal showed that losing weight results in lasting remission of Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes was reversed in nearly half of the patients in this study. During this study participants were provided a diet replacement formula for the first 3-5 months and later normal food was introduced gradually. Throughout the programme, continuous support was provided. Further investigations showed that there was a reduction in the fat within the liver and pancreas, which may be one of the factors contributing to improved functioning of the pancreas and increasing insulin sensitivity.

The best time to go on this programme is within the first 5 years for diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

What happens after the low carb diet is discontinued?

It is difficult to adopt a regime of low carbohydrate and not everyone can follow this programme. As shown above the DiRECT revealed that half of the people did not benefit and those who go back to normal eating can regain weight and type 2 diabetes can come back again.

Subsequent attempts to lose weight becomes difficult due to change in the basal metabolic rate.

How will you help me reverse Type 2 diabetes?

After an initial assessment by our diabetologist, you will be provided a specialist weight management plan supported by a dietitian. A number of people cannot tolerate the very low calorie and/or low carbohydrate diet. We therefore study your hunger pattern and offer a personalised solution.

Once diabetes is reversed, it is important to sustain weight loss so as to ensure blood glucose control does not worsen. It is very common to see people regain weight after food supplements are discontinued or when they start to return to normal eating. Occasionally people can regain more weight than they have lost.

A team of experts will help you understand your body and provide tools for long term weight maintenance and preventing recurrence of type2 diabetes.

If you have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes and would like to reverse these conditions, please email for more details on [email protected]

Watch our video on The Diabetes Reversal Plan

The London Obesity Clinic/The Yorkshire Obesity Clinic specialises in Weight Loss, Complex Diabetes and Endocrine disorders across the UK with clinics at Harley Street in London, Spire Claremont in Sheffield and Nuffield in Leeds. We offer face to face and virtual consultations with our specialist clinical lead, Dr Rajeswaran, who has 25+ years experience in the field. We also offer screenings for prescription weight loss/weight management medications such as Wegovy injections (semaglutide) which are also suitable for children & Mounjaro injections (tirzepatide), bespoke weight management plans and a unique online weight loss plan for wellness and weight management. We support people with Obesity related medical conditions including Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, and Endocrine disorders like Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, PCOS, Hirsutism, Adrenal Dysfunction, Menopause, Pituitary problems and Sexual Dysfunction. Get in touch to transform your life!

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