Our patients are proud to share their success stories

Read, watch and listen to some of the success stories from our inspiring members! We have kept our testimonials honest and raw to show that the road to weight loss isn’t always a straight one and that’s okay. Also we are absolutely against photo-shopping the body shapes of our clients as we are proud of all their achievements no matter what size! Please note that in some cases we use alternative or abbreviated names to preserve identities of clients who wish to remain private.


The care and attention to detail that Dr. Rajeswaran has provided to myself has been nothing but first class. Dr. Raj listened to the issues I was facing everyday with hormonal (testosterone) in-balance and the affects of the low levels were having on my life. I have since started TRT and made the changes to my life that Dr. Raj suggested and I am a totally different person. I have also started a course with Simplyweight and the communication and follow ups from Dr. Raj's team - especially Azra have been fantastic. I would highly recommend Dr. Raj and his team - many thanks again.


I have been very pleased with the attention and service I have received from Dr Raj and his team. The support has been excellent and attention to my health and their communications with my GP have ensured improved outcomes and focus on issues missed by my surgery. This has been in addition to my weight loss which has been gradual but effective. I have now approached my diet in a much healthier and sustainable manner. Thank you.


I have recently started using the Claremont Hospital in Sheffield and have been totally impressed by the high level of care and time their consultants take with patients. Dr. Rajeswaran is no exception. Although I was focused on the treatment of one hormonal problem, Dr Rajeswaran carefully and methodically went into all my other medical conditions to ensure that any treatment he recommended would help, if possible, the whole person and not just this one condition. His attention to detail, the time he takes to understand his patients, the care in selecting the right tests and treatments his detailed clinic letters, has left me in know doubt that I am in safe hands and the assurance of much improved health.


Having been very unwell for over 12 months and passed from pillar to post Dr Rajeswaran is the first to have actually listened and not pick the easy option/answer of ME/CFS. Inspires confidence that he will work to support me and find an answer and help me get a life back.


I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. C Rajeswaran as my Endocrinology consultant recently and found him to be a caring, knowledgeable and an extremely kind, patient healthcare professional who listened to my concerns and took his time to clarify my symptoms and the impact this had on my daily life with great care. He offers a good, follow up service and shows great empathy. I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone looking for a good endocrinology consultant. I will certainly be returning should the need arise in the future.


This has been the best 4 months I have had in a long time. In the time I have been with Simplyweight I have lost 12kg. The staff have been wonderful offering loads of advice with my health and how to lose weight with portion control. I highly recommend them.


After trying many different diets and exercises I decided to book myself for a consultation with Dr Raj, since my consultation I have lost weight steadily and easily.


Kind and supportive programme that allows you to be you without feeling pressured or disappointed….. whilst seeing and experiencing amazing results both mentally and physically


Dr Raj was very easy to talk to and explained factors relating to my issues in a clear manner and with a sense of humour.
Simplyweight is absolutely fantastic. It’s given me a whole new lease of life and I love me.

Ravi M

I have recovered from COVID, but after a month, I was having some problems like chest and back pain, burning sensation in chest. I consulted Dr. Raj at The London Obesity Clinic through zoom video call. He advised me to take blood tests ,etc and explained me the problems and treatment for it. My main problem is I am obese and it is main cause for many health issues. Now with the treatment of The London Obesity Clinic, I'm Losing weight, and I am sure under their guidance I will reach the desired weight for my height and age, which will solve all my problems and have healthy life. Thanks to The London Obesity Clinic.

Simplyweight is absolutely fantastic. It’s given me a whole new lease of life and I love me.


The program is fantastic in the fact that you can eat basically anything you want. I’d have Christmas and New Year coming up and I was able to go out and enjoy my time with friends but instead of just carrying on eating after that, it’s about looking at portion control, calorific content etc.

Simplyweight is absolutely fantastic. It’s given me a whole new lease of life and I love me.


I would 100% recommend the Simplyweight Weight Management Programme. Having tried most of the weight loss plans available (you name it, I've probably done it!) over the last 10 years, I was pretty sure that bariatric surgery was the only option for me. - now I know that's not the case! The support from Dr Raj, Addic and the rest of the team has been second to none. I have completely changed my attitude towards food and exercise and they have helped me to realise that my journey is a marathon not a sprint. I have successfully lost 30lbs since the end of January 2021 and this was without starving myself on shakes/meal replacements like other diets! If you are considering joining a simply weight management plan, please use this testimony as encouragement to go for it. I wish I had found them sooner!

Simplyweight is absolutely fantastic. It’s given me a whole new lease of life and I love me.


Words are hard to put on a letter as he listened to me and seem to understand what was going on and why I was feeling unwell straight away. Marvellous person and very gifted and caring kind. I have already recommended him to many. I just wish he would live and York.

I feel Dr Raj has a second sight to how you are actually feeling, when you have lost sight of feeling unwell, he is spot on with all his diagnostic questions, that provides a detailed insights for him to what is going on with the person sat in front of him , he is like a detective, he leaves no stone unturned with this " in-depth investigation" with an individual patient mind and body.

I feel with my case I knew something was not right with me and after a time you get used to feeling tired unwell and can't seem to explain as so many issues seemed to be making me feel unwell. I was overwhelmed. I became a master with my make up to try and look well. But in person he could see I was struggling to walk in pain out of sync with myself. He pushed for test with my GP who was reluctant to do any.

I feel so lucky to have him looking after me, as though his elimination of tests and blood work, we have hopefully found out why I have been so unwell and now I have faith he will get me back to how I was 18 months ago.

My mental health has improved as someone is on my side and with advice and helping tweaking my medication to get me as well as possible, I already feel better already positive, he always answers anything in email beyond my consultation time.

This puts my mind at rest and as a patient I am first beyond any monetary gain. He is very supportive and kind and I trust him to do the very best for me. My son is getting married in June 2023 and I now know I will be well and back to my self by then as this was making me very unhappy as I was feeling so dreadful.

I can't thank him enough the both of you. Azra has been so kind too. Best wishes,

– From JF


Having undergone a package of support from Dr Raj and his team at Simplyweight, I am delighted to have lost 3 stones and feel like a new woman ! The support that I have received has been second to none, with expert dietetic advice from Addic , psychological support from Kala and of course excellent medical advice from Dr Raj. This holistic approach was crucial for me at a time when I had a medical need to lower my weight for cardiac reasons. I have now lowered my BP to normal levels and have reduced my blood pressure medication by 80%.The website offers a wealth of support & evidence with tutorials & meditations for all aspects of lifestyle intervention. I cannot recommend this team highly enough, and will continue using all their expertise in my journey of continuing weight loss and maintenance. It has been worth every single penny ! Thank you Team for helping me to change my life ❤️

– From SH


I have noticed that my reduced appetite has remained with me even after I have stopped my ozempic which is amazing. I also could fit in an aeroplane seat without a belt extender! That is huge news! One of my Goals.

– From JD


I have lost in all 30Kg and I can fit into my smallest clothes which I haven’t worn for along time. I now feel fit and healthy. Thanks you to the team at The London Obesity Clinic!

– Julia, London


Due to work, exams and holidays I’ve missed a few sessions. However, the teachings of the simplyweight team are sinking in. Being a cynic I hate to admit it but this Programme is working. In my head – I have acknowledged that being fat is something that can be managed. When I have the urge to eat chocolate or extra bread I challenge myself and think of the real risk I am putting myself at. Anxiety and mood – okay. Food – Massive reduction in bread intake! Chocolate – what’s chocolate! Fizzy drinks – if any zero sugar Fish and chips – have lost the chips. Alcohol – I can go for weeks without it. Changing to smaller plates next week. I think I am winning with the snacking between meals, especially the chocolates at work. I am concentrating on reducing meal portions at moment in conjunction with my wife. Physically – Sleeping – better, not as tired during the day. Weight – weighed last Wed on down to 97.5 kg (Starting weight 105kg) Medically – I should be a disaster but possibly due to my exercise my CV risk appears not too bad. BP less than 130 systolic, HR okay and ecg no abnormalities. My GP and Practice Nurse! The good bits – On a massive weekly dose of Vit D for 2/12. The Metformin – the GP and Diabetic Nurse (who you know) still did want wish to prescribe Metformin and label me as diabetic. They insisted on repeating my bloods in May. If then there was no improvement they would go down the Type 2 route. They felt with lifestyle changes I may not require meds. There are some things which still need resolving but lots of positives and in general I feel much better about myself. Sorry for writing so much!! Regards, Alan

– Alan


I tried on 2 evening dresses yesterday. The first one I had on my 17th birthday and the second which I could not even start to zip up a couple of months ago was the dress I wore on my 21st birthday. I kept both dresses as they both expensive and I loved them both. The dress from when I was 17 is too big – it is from the 80’s made of taffeta – masses of material. Size 12. The other dress I originally had for a ball in London when I was 20 and then wore it for my 21st. This is fitted with a wide band under the bust. The dress now fits perfectly. I cannot remember being that small. I always felt and thought I looked big. I remember I did lose weight at this age when I started work. I went out with two friends on my 21st plus family. I am still very close with my friends and will see them both in the next 2 months. I am still buying a new dress for the cruise and party, but I could not believe that I could ever fit into my 21st dress after 40 years and it still looks good

– Jayne


I know I haven’t been keeping in touch constantly. It is not that I have given up but that I want to prove to you that I can succeed not just in weight loss but regarding my capabilities & career having the confidence to succeed without putting constant pressure on myself. I am pleased to announce I have gained a massive promotion (thanks to you Dr Raj & kala for building my confidence!) Don’t get me wrong there are times that I panic but the Simpeace calms me to put things into perspective I feel amazing. Thank you You have been amazing. Don’t get me wrong I am still on a journey but in a totally different place than where we started which seems so long ago, I don’t even recognise myself. Comments have been past about me are- standing tall, talking confidently having leadership presence. All thanks to you

– Donna


I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from both you and Raj in changing my whole life. It is a huge change and scary as well as being wonderful. I worry that you and Raj are not disappointed in my progress hence saying I worry about seeing you. Thank you is very easy to say, but it is heartfelt

– Karen


How can you say thank you for somebody who changed your life? Well I’m going to attempt to do it… I came to simply weight not so much as a last resort but more of a last cry for help. It’s actually sad how we have all learned to suppress our feeling of helplessness just to keep on living for the sake of it. I always thought that as a successful and educated professional I was doing everything right. I certainly thought I have all the tools and skills required to make a significant change in my life. I was wrong. And through simplyweight I learned things about myself and the world, things I thought i already knew but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Today I stand here not just 4 stone lighter and healthier, but equipped with the skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Skills of acceptance, but not acceptance of the present, but acceptance of the fact that you control your own life. You control aspects of your life you didn’t know you could. Your present your future and everything in between. Dr Raj and his devoted and professional team has not just helped me to become the person I wanted to be but helped me lead a life that’s inspiring to others. I can say nothing but thank you with all my heart. Thank you for helping me grow into a person we all should aspire to be and thank you for giving me the opportunity to help others with everything I have learned. Last but not least thank you for showing me the way to a happy healthy and balanced life.

– Dora


*If you are looking for a weight loss programme we highly recommend this one, you won’t get better help as you have easy access to a very experienced, motivational and sincere team who will ensure you succeed. When we first started on the Simplyweight journey we thought it would all be about diet but it is so much more. From the beginning it became clear that we needed help on an emotional level as well as the weight issues as these were really affecting our family life and relationships. We have never been on a plan where it wasn’t just counting calories and exercising and addressing the psychological issues as well has been has been the most successful part of the process. It has not only given us both confidence and positivity and has brought us back together as a family. You really don’t realise how much the weight issues make you unhappy and in turn push away those closest to you. We have just had the most enjoyable and carefree family holiday we have had in years so a really big Thank you to Dr Raj and Kala for all your guidance and help. Our Journey hasn’t finished yet but it has made so much difference to our lives so far.

– Julie & Emma


Can I say how lucky I was to be referred to your clinic. I had tried to lose weight myself. My own GP sent me to their own surgery’s clinic. All they ever did was weigh me and showed me a picture of a plate divided into portion sizes ! Then I asked if I could be referred to the hospital to see about weight loss surgery. That’s when I met you.

– Steven


*I was finding it hard to cope with my Diabetes and really needed to lose weight to improve my health. Also my body image and confidence were really low and I never used to socialise. Thanks to Simplyweight’s London Clinic I’ve managed to lose 3 stone in just 3 months and reduced my medication dosage too. Really pleased with the service!

– Ravi, London

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