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Dr. C. Rajeswaran, consultant physician, obesity expert & endocrinologist

Dr. C. Rajeswaran


Dr C. Rajeswaran (Raj) MBBS; MRCP (UK); CCT is a consultant physician in diabetes, obesity & endocrinology. He worked several NHS trusts for more than 25 years in the United Kingdom. He has clinics across the country including several clinics in Nuffield hospitals and also runs the reputed ‘The London Obesity Clinic’ at 10 Harley Street, London. He is extremely passionate about weight management and more so for people with diabetes. His specialist interests include complex severe obesity, diabetes, and diabesity.

He feels weight management is the core driver in the management of all modern illnesses. Weight management is complex as the reason for weight gain is multifactorial. Successful weight loss can only be achieved after ascertaining the underlying reasons for weight gain and providing a structured, personalized plan. Providing a personalized plan to 30% of the population, who are obese with the currently available models is not possible and unrealistic.

Global weight management: He along with his global team are currently in the process of launching a revolutionary weight management program. This is a personalized online medical weight loss program that not only helps lose weight but also addresses weight-related problems. This program would be extremely helpful to any organization/ hospital who are involved with patients/staff with a weight problem. This plan is designed by an expert medical team and could be adapted for different cultures across the world and provides an extremely cost-effective solution.

Dr. Rajeswaran founded the National Diabesity Forum in 2008. National Diabesity Forum provides a network for health professionals involved in the management of Diabesity (Diabetes and Obesity). The aim of this forum is to share best practices in the management of Diabesity. He is also the editor-in-chief of a popular medical journal ‘Diabesity in Practice’, which provides practical advice to health care professionals.

He has several publications to his credit. He has also authored several book chapters and books.

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