Medications for Weight Loss

What’s the purpose of weight loss medication?

Sometimes people find it difficult to lose weight by just following a healthy diet and exercise regime. They struggle to manage their hunger levels for various reasons. Some people may require larger portions of food to feel satiated and unable to control their portion sizes. Others may be struggling to limit their intake of high calorie food or snacks despite being aware of the health risks. All of this is easier said than done!

Medications can work by either acting on the appetite centre in the brain, help with feeling full or even getting rid of the excess fat consumed.

Currently in the UK, these medications are licensed to be used for weight loss: Saxenda® (Liraglutide), Wegovy® (Semaglutide), Orlistat® and Mysimba®.

Note: While Semaglutide (which is in Ozempic) is currently an off-label treatment for weight management, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) in the United Kingdom recommended it for obesity treatment in February 2022. This means that Semaglutide (marketed as Wegovy) will soon be licensed and will no longer need to be prescribed off-label.

Over the years several weight loss medications have come and gone. Surely there will be many more to come in future. For example, Wegovy® (a higher dose of Semaglutide) is expected to become licensed for weight loss in the UK sometime in 2022. The Yorkshire Obesity Clinic will only use medications, which are licensed in the UK.

Research shows that weight loss medications help only if you make appropriate lifestyle changes whilst supported by qualified healthcare professionals.

But practically everyone sells these medications…

As with any medication, there are contraindications (certain factors which make that medication unsuitable for someone) and side effects to consider. Any responsible clinic will ensure that you are properly health screened and are suitable to take any medication, as well as offering additional support in making the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve the best results.

A number of studies and real-life experience has shown us that people who just buy medication over the internet without these precautions and support systems, do not have sustained benefits from these medications and may be putting themselves at risk. 

At The Yorkshire Obesity Clinic, we have put together medication packages to suit various individual needs and different levels of affordability. You may not get the absolute cheapest price at face value compared to some other online vendors who sell just the pens, but we can assure you that you will get the necessary lifestyle support and care that you deserve.


How you can buy medications from us

There are 2 primary routes to purchase medication at one of our clinics.


1. Join a bespoke weight loss plan (intensive specialist support)

All new clinic patients undergo an initial weight management consultation with an experienced doctor at our clinic. Following this, a medically suitable 3-month plan will be offered to you depending on your needs. This plan may include any of the above mentioned medications if it is deemed safe for you. Each plan comes with a 3-month supply of the chosen medication.

Once your plan starts, your first month’s supply will be sent out along with your sharps bin, patient information leaflet and a virtual consultation to guide you through how to take the medication safely at the correct dosage. We will explain about all the necessary precautions and side effects to be aware of. Throughout your plan, regular follow-ups will be made with a dietitian and, if required, our Simpeace emotional wellbeing coach. 

You will be monitored closely during your plan, including your food intake, exercise and wellbeing. In case of any issues with dosage or side effects, we will be available to help you address this as part of your plan.

In addition to this, you will get access to Simplyweight’s Online Weight loss Plan/App for the duration of your plan (see below for details). 

Once your 3-month plan is complete, we can evaluate your progress and decide whether you are suitable to continue with the medication or if any changes need to be made. 


2. Just buy the medication on its own (online support only)

For those who don’t feel they need such intensive support with their weight loss journey, we also have the option to purchase medication from us directly. If you don’t have any complicated weight-related medical conditions or other underlying issues to address, you may not feel the need to see the doctor for a 1-2-1 initial consultation before getting medication prescribed.

Instead, you simply have to fill out our Online Screening Consultation . Your form will be assessed by our team including a GMC registered doctor. Within 2 business days we will inform you whether the team finds the medication suitable for you. Following that, you’ll be sent a payment link to purchase your medication and be given access to our Simplyweight Online Weight Loss Plan for the duration that you take the medication. E.g. for 1 month’s supply you will get 1 month of the online support.


What is the Simplyweight Online Weight Loss Plan?

Our team has combined decades of clinical experience and personal insights to create an all-encompassing weight loss solution that is flexible, easy to use and affordable for those who are unable to come into our clinic. 

Among our highly valuable features are:

  • Food/portion tracking and guidance
  • Weight loss resource articles 
  • Video lessons with advice from our specialists
  • Track your weight and other stats
  • Personal journal to record your progress
  • Private community group
  • Home workouts 
  • Simpeace guided meditations and soundscapes
  • Simpeace articles for emotional wellbeing

Even more content and features will be added with time!


Here’s how to order your medication

Simply read the steps below and click on “Start Your Online Consultation”.

Get Wegovy® prescribed by a UK licensed pharmacy

Get Ozempic® or Saxenda® prescribed by a UK licensed pharmacy

*Simplyweight's Online Weight Loss Plan includes these
fantastic features worth over hundreds of £'s:

*Simplyweight's Online Weight Loss Plan includes these fantastic features worth over hundreds of £'s: