The Simplyweight Online Plan

If you have tried several diets, lost weight and regained, please do not join another weight loss plan which tells you which food is healthy. Most people by now know to differentiate between healthy and junk food.


Why do people fail on diets?

This is a consistent story. People try new diets, lose weight and regain.

The problem is they are not designed to your body, your metabolism and your circumstances

The trick to lose weight and keep it off is to understand your body and metabolism and make appropriate changes. It is not just about eating less and exercising more. It is also not just about listening to a person who has already lost weight or reading a few articles and watching YouTube videos.

In order to unravel the underlying cause for weight gain, you need to be supported by a team of health care professionals who have the experience and knowledge about weight gain, hormonal disturbance, medication, weight related medical and psychological problems.

It is not about telling you WHAT to do. It is about finding out WHY you do it!

If you are busy and are not able to come to the clinic, you can now join the Simplyweight specialist online weight management plan.

Please see below the features in the specialist weight loss plan. The information and resources available will help you

  1. Tailor your needs for sustained weight loss
  2. Understand why you are gaining weight
  3. How to be more confident
  4. Overcome weight related medical problems
  5. Improve weight related psychological issues


Just a few of the many benefits…

  • Master the art of portion control – Get personalised portion recommendations to help you feel full and nourished without strict calorie counting, weighing food or going hungry. That’s freedom.
  • Guided meditations – Instill peace and positivity during challenging times. Change your thought patterns with affirmations and cognitive behavioural techniques.
  • Fun & simple home workouts – Improve your fitness level wherever you are. Short of time? We even have 5-min workouts! 
  • Join a private community – Discuss the latest lessons and articles with other members or share your wins and challenges for support from a like-minded group.
  • Get invited to specialist webinars – Learn lots and get your burning questions answered at these deeply insightful expert webinars.


Simplyweight online plan is designed by medical experts to reach as many people world-wide as possible. The aim is to help people move away from the concept of dieting and understand their body. Have the knowledge to sort their problems and sustain weight loss. Nowhere in the world would you be able to get this extensive support from a team of empathetic and experienced health care professionals.

Please click this link if you would like to register for The Simplyweight Online Plan

The London Obesity Clinic/The Yorkshire Obesity Clinic specialises in Weight Loss, Complex Diabetes and Endocrine disorders across the UK with clinics at Harley Street in London, Spire Claremont in Sheffield and Nuffield in Leeds. We offer face to face and virtual consultations with our specialist clinical lead, Dr Rajeswaran, who has 25+ years experience in the field. We also offer screenings for prescription weight loss/weight management medications such as Wegovy injections (semaglutide) which are also suitable for children & Mounjaro injections (tirzepatide), bespoke weight management plans and a unique online weight loss plan for wellness and weight management. We support people with Obesity related medical conditions including Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, and Endocrine disorders like Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, PCOS, Hirsutism, Adrenal Dysfunction, Menopause, Pituitary problems and Sexual Dysfunction. Get in touch to transform your life!

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