We have known about fasting for ages. It is usually related to religious practices, however, more and more of us choose to fast for health-related reasons. Multiple studies have suggested that intermittent fasting may have many health benefits.   What is fasting? Fasting is different from dieting. It is not about the type of food […]

Could it be that having such easy access to food and being seemingly well-nourished, we may, in fact, be at risk of malnutrition? Let’s discuss the problem of hidden hunger.   Malnutrition

We all know that to lose weight you have to “eat less and exercise more”. This has been constantly drummed to us. However, the prevalence of obesity in the western world more

With the increasing prevalence of obesity worldwide and more so in the UK, we need to rethink if the current interventions for weight loss are appropriate. Why is it that despite thousands

As the prevalence of obesity is increasing worldwide, we are sadly seeing an increase in childhood obesity. More parents are now seeking help for their obese children. The prevalence of obesity-related complications

We are all constantly looking out for newer diets and food supplements to lose weight. There is at least one new diet on the market every week. “Diets” is one of the

The pursuit of true and lasting friendships can be very challenging. A large number of species have the tendency to form social groups and establish themselves favourably. Similarly, we humans seek the

Our bustling lifestyles have contributed to the increasing prevalence of obesity and its associated medical problems. Sure, we appreciate the need for activity and healthy eating but in reality many of us

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